Denise & Abby Montrose

Supply Chain Executive Recruiters


We are recruiters who are laser-focused on Supply Chain Management. We have clients and candidates all over the world. We believe in working with the top candidates.  Our ties to the industry and our memberships in industry leading organizations make finding the best people possible.

We partner with the best clients because we believe that our candidates deserve a great place to work.

Our strengths include utilizing emotional intelligence in the hiring process and promoting a quality workplace culture. We use video interviewing, job bench-marking and professional assessments to present our candidates because we believe that a person is more than their resume.

While studying the LEAN philosophy, to better serve our manufacturing clients, we decided to become LEAN at Small World.
We follow Lean Six Sigma principles and practices in everything we do.
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The positions we most often fill are Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Director and Supply Chain VP but we are well versed in all supply chain and logistics management positions.