Got a Logistics Recruiter?

It is better to have a relationship with a recruiter and never need them than it is to not know one at all.

If you are in the industry of logistics and supply chain then it makes sense for us to partner together to help with your career development.  It also makes sense to utilize a logistics recruiter for your business when hiring in those disciplines. Generalized recruiters don’t understand this industry and they don’t have the relationship focus the way a niche recruiter does.

Reach out to a recruiter today and share your resume, background and vision for the future.  Perhaps they don’t have anything which is a fit for you right now but I can tell you that in this business, things can and do change everyday. Partnering with a recruiter, in our case a supply chain and logistics recruiter, means that you have a place to turn if you find yourself needing to make a career change. The best career opportunities happen via networking and with insider information. Some top positions are filled before they are even advertised.

As a logistics recruiter, I can’t even begin to tell you how much insider industry information we have at our finger tips.  We see and hear first hand how badly things are going at a company when everyone is running for their lives and we can tell you how good things are at the companies which are hiring like crazy and growing in smart ways. We know who you want to work for and who you don’t, just ask us.

The same is true if you are looking for top logistics or supply chain talent.  We know the players because we talk to them every day.  It is a small industry, which is why I named the company Small World.  If you work in this industry long enough you start to cross paths with the people and you never know when you will find yourself sitting across from someone who you have worked with in the past.


This would be a good time to remind everyone not to burn bridges.  If you are leaving an employer, leave with pride and dignity and make sure that your work is completed or transferred during the transition.  If you have an employee who is leaving for greener pastures then allow them the time they need to handle things appropriately and then send them on their way with encouragement and good wishes.  If they did good work for you then thank them for their contribution, wish them luck and hope to see them again soon, because you probably will.