Lean Six Sigma Certification


Move your career forward and earn a Lean Six Sigma certification to add to your resume.


Companies in every industry value lean six sigma practices which drive value and efficiencies throughout the organization. These certifications are online, self paced and easy to understand. You’ll be gaining valuable knowledge enabling you to stand out as a candidate in your career search.


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

Learning Objectives:

  • List the basic tools and principles that underlie the Lean Six Sigma improvement model

  • Identify opportunities to improve a process

  • Define project improvement goals

  • Identify how to plan for and conduct data collection to uncover root causes

  • List how to implement simple but effective improvement techniques and concepts

  • Identify and sustain process improvements

Yellow Belt Certification Includes:

  • Exam: 50 multiple choice questions (unlimited re-takes)

  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile

  • Membership to our Yellow Belt Certified Group on LinkedIn


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course 

will enable you to:

  • Select the right projects

  • Define the problem that needs to be solved

  • Measure the current problem and baseline the process

  • Analyze the process and identify the cause of the problem

  • Improve the process by implementing and verifying the best solution

  • Control the new process by maintaining the solution

Green Belt Certification includes:

  • Exam: 130 multiple choice questions (unlimited re-takes)

  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile

  • Membership to our Green Belt Certified Group on LinkedIn


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Training will enable you to:

  • Manage multiple projects and ensure their alignment to meet organizational goals

  • Coach Green Belts to complete successful projects that deliver significant, sustainable results

  • Communicate and influence people at all levels of your organization to manage change effectively

  • Understand the why, what and how of statistical analysis tools

Black Belt Certification includes:

  • Exam: 185 multiple choice questions (unlimited re-takes)

  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile

  • Membership to Black Belt Certified Group on LinkedIn

  • 1-1 Project Coaching ($999 without)



Learning Objectives:

  • List the basic concepts and principles that underlie Lean Six Sigma improvement methods

  • Describe the history of Lean and Six Sigma

  • Distinguish between Lean and Six Sigma

  • List the benefits of using Lean Six Sigma

  • Define the roles involved in Lean Six Sigma

  • Recognize the 8 Wastes of processes

White Belt Certification Includes:

  • Exam: 20 multiple choice questions (unlimited re-takes)

  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile

  • Membership to White Belt Certified Group on LinkedIn


lEAN sIX sIGMA Training will

enable you to:

  • Understand the current process to know which steps are wasteful and which add value

  • Improve the process to reduce cycle time and costs, increase revenue and improve collaboration

  • Build a Lean Culture to sustain the improved process and build momentum for additional process improvement in other areas of your organization

Lean Certification includes:

  • Exam: 100 multiple choice questions (unlimited re-takes)

  • PDF Certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile

  • Membership to Lean Certified Group on




Individual mODULES

Quickly learn the basics of a single Lean Six Sigma concept or tool with these 1 to 2 hour Single Modules.

  • 5 Why’s and Fishbone

  • 5S

  • 8 Wastes

  • A3

  • FMEA

  • Histogram

  • PDCA

  • Process Walk Training

  • Process Walk Facilitation

  • Project Charter


  • Standard Work

  • Swimlane Map

  • Value Stream Map

$19.00 or $29.00 per Module



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