After 10 years in the logistics industry, I know that wise use of time is what makes a great big world seem accessibly small, so we have structured our search techniques to deliver you the highest potential candidates based on your specific needs with a premium placed on efficiency.

  • Access to the best industry logistics and supply chain professionals through networking and top trade association’s affiliations and memberships.  We are able to leverage our network to source the best talent in the market for any given role.

  • Pre-screening and presenting of candidates with video interviews and professional assessments.

  • Organic collaboration ~ The more we work with you, the better we understand what makes a good cultural and professional fit.

  • We attend leading global supply chain and logistics events to keep up to date with industry changes.


If our placement leaves within a specified time, we will replace them at no additional cost to you. 


“I cannot thank Small World enough for their time and dedication. They went above and beyond in hiring our start up’s first ever Director of Supply Chain.”

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Denise and her team. She found the perfect fit for our Supply Chain Director role.”

“The professionalism of this firm wowed me as a candidate and because of that I am now a client. I enjoyed working with them on both sides and look forward to our continued relationship.”