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Businesses need strong LEADERS to succeed…

and finding the right logistics and supply chain leaders is what we do best.

A retained executive search represents a very collaborative partnership between Small World and your organization. We understand how important finding the right person can be and we work with you throughout each step of the process.

Retained Executive Search Process:

  • First, we schedule an initial information gathering meeting with you and your hiring team to learn all we can about the company, position, culture and value proposition.

  • We start with a very detailed review of the marketplace to determine a target compensation and to define and determine a process timeline that meets your needs.

  • We develop a detailed search profile and sourcing strategy in partnership with your hiring team.

  • Regular updates are provided throughout the sourcing, interviewing, negotiation and on-boarding stages.

  • Job benchmarking and skill-based assessments are available to ensure we hit the target.

Why a Retained Search Makes Sense:

  • Filling this position is critical and every day it isn’t filled costs you both time and money.

  • Confidentiality is necessary and important.

  • The role requires a high degree of specialization in logistics and supply chain.

  • You need to find the most qualified, highly skilled, top performer in the industry.

  • You need a recruiting team who understands logistics and supply chain terms and skills.

  • Our retained searches receive top priority.